Digital Production

As the Digital Manager at Ooligan Press, I oversaw the production of frontlist EPUBs and MOBIs, from designing in InDesign to fixing issues that arise in the XHTML. I focused my efforts on improving accessibility within our EPUBS by developing rich, descriptive alt text. I’m familiar with optimizing and updating backlist EPUBs, uploading to Amazon and Ingram’s CoreSource, and keeping metadata accurate and updated.

I’m also familiar with bringing a manuscript through stages of audiobook production, from scripting and sourcing narration to proofreading, and eventually to uploading audiobook files and metadata to distribution platforms like ACX.

The Ooligan Press titles I worked on include: Breaking Cadence (audiobook), Odsburg (eBook), Elephant Speak (eBook), Iditarod Nights (eBook & audiobook), and The Names We Take (eBook).