Print Book Design

I specialized in design during my graduate program in Book Publishing under the direction of Kelley Dodd and Abbey Gaterud. I’m well-versed in the typical conventions of book design, from cover to colophon. In addition to print books, cover mockups, and layouts, I’ve designed tipsheets, marketing plans, and marketing collateral like posters, social media posts, and bookmarks. I’m particularly interested in expanding my portfolio by focusing on interactive fiction and the challenges that come with building interactivity into print book design.

I’ve designed the print interior, cover, marketing materials, and ebook for Alia Khizara Sabino’s debut collection, Wanderstruck, which published in December 2020. I’m currently designing Portland poet Taylor Ciambra’s debut collection Away With Words, which will be publishing in the Spring 2021.

I love to blend my creative skills and love for art with my understanding of graphic design to create infographics, collage artwork, and layouts for digital zines, like the ones I have available on Gumroad.

Explore some of my work:

The final cover design for Alia Sabino’s poetry collection, Wanderstruck: Poems of love, travel, and adventure. Now available on Amazon.

Just one cover mock-up for Portland poet Taylor Leigh Ciambra’s upcoming collection, which will be self-published in Spring 2021.

Under the instruction of Kelley Dodd, our Advanced Book Design class redesigned Darryl Lloyd’s Ever Wild: A Lifetime on Mount Adams. Utilizing a complex grid for the interior, I focused this design on honoring Lloyd’s lifetime of photography chronicling his life, that of his family, and their relationship with Mount Adams and the Cascades.

Another example of cover design for a previously published work, The Prototype, and was created in my Advanced Book Design course. In addition to creating a cover, I designed the interior to match the theme and feel of the novel, which was a tech-thriller. I experimented with using different fonts to denote emails and text messages, differentiating them from the rest of the text.

Here is an infographic for my research paper & thesis, Pottermore: A Case Study. I designed the cover and interior for publication through PDXScholar.

Here is a mock-up of a cover design I developed for my sci-fi horror novel, HOME. This is my current work-in-progress, but if a haunted smarthome sounds like your kind of novel,

Need help designing your book’s cover and interior? Need help throwing together a bookmark or social media post? Contact me today.